• Room Parent Chair
    • Deanna Wierzba


    • Christine Thompson 


    • Carla Brown and Crystal Braunlich 


    1st Grade 
    • Julianne McCormack and Carrie Cook


    2nd Grade 
    • Jackie Blackmore, Gina Prato & Christine Thompson 


    3rd Grade
    • Brooke ThomasonTricia Young and Diane Sant


    4th Grade
    • Candace Kearney and Kimberly Mc Elreath


    5th Grade 
    • Theresa Torrance and Diana Bouch 


    6th Grade 
    • Praveeta Garcia and Julianne McCormick 


     7th Grade 
    • Jessica Jeffrey and Nicole Cecola 


    8th Grade 
    • Nicole Papadopoulos, Gina Campbell,
      Michaela Sozio and Sarah Hofmann