Dear Fourth Grade Students and Parents,
    Welcome to the Fourth Grade!  We have an exciting year ahead and I look forward to learning and growing with all of you. The following is a list of school supplies needed for success. Label all items. Please bring the following on the first day of school:


    Tools for Organization: 

       (1)  5 subject spiral notebook wide-ruled 
       (2)  single subject spiral notebooks wide-ruled (about 100 pages each)
       (1)  composition notebook wide-ruled
       (1)  pack of wide ruled filler paper 100 pages 
       (1)  1in. - 1.5 inch binder (no larger than 2 inches in width) 
       (1)  package of binder dividers (5 tabs)
       (4)  2-pocket folders
       (4)  packs of 3 x 3 Post-it notepads

     Writing and art supplies:
        (12) sharpened #2 pencils  
        (1) 12 pk of sharpened colored pencils
        (6) blue or black erasable pens (Recommended, not required: Pilot brand FriXion pens non-click )
        (2) red pens
        (1) pink eraser
        (1) box of crayons, 24-48 count (No larger than 48 count)
        (1) 10 count washable colored markers (broad tip) classic colors
        (1) black permanent marker  
        (3) highlighters assorted colors
        (2) (low-odor) dry erase markers 
        (1) 8-count watercolor set
        (1) 1 small pack of glue sticks
        (1) pair of student scissors

    Miscellaneous Items:  

       (1) twelve-inch wooden ruler with inches and metric markings
       (1) protractor for geometry
       (1) compass for geometry (not a compass for finding directions)
       (3) zippered pencil cases at least 6" x 9" for crayons, markers and colored pencils
       (1) gallon size Ziploc bag
       (4) boxes of hand wipes, preferably unscented
       (3) large boxes of Kleenex

    An assignment notebook will be given to your child on the first day of school; no other assignment book will be allowed.


    Please note that the following are NOT Allowed:  

    Wheeled backpacks, liquid or tape style white out, tape dispensers, fidget devices, decorative pens or pencils, individual sharpeners or staplers, tape, etc.
    Please make sure that all articles of clothing as well as school supplies, are clearly labeled with your child's name. (Exceptions are tissue and wipes.)

    I look forward to an enjoyable year and to meeting you at Back to School Night in September.  




    Mrs. Tina Llorens

    Fourth Grade Teacher

    P. S.  If you shop at Staples or Office Depot, be sure to use our school phone number 310-645-8816.  We will receive 5% of your qualifying purchases.


Last Modified on June 17, 2019