Coaches and Volunteers

  • Coaches Guidelines

    Head Coach has the option to get paid by the hour, or volunteer for service hours and have the registration fee for their child in that season waved.   

    Assistant Coaches are volunteers and the time spent helping the team goes toward your service hours.  There is no budget to pay assistant coaches, or to waive the participation fees.  We are very grateful for your help.

    B and C  Level Teams are primarily instructional and all students should play an even number of minutes at a variety of positions.  Our goal with the B and C level teams is for children to have fun, be a part of a team, and learn to love the game.  Having less athletic students spend too much time on the bench is discouraging and will make them less likely to want to play or be part of team in the future.  Scheduling playing time before the game is very important so you don’t end up with the game winding down and players on the bench who have not had a fair chance to play.  We have a very successful varsity program and we strongly believe that focusing on full participation in the early years benefits our varsity teams.

    All coaches, assistant coaches, and volunteers must complete the following to work with the students at St. Anastasia Catholic School.


Returning Coaches