• Fourth Grade Charter Reflections:

    As the awesome 4th graders of St. Anastasia, we would like to feel safe, welcomed, energized, happy and prepared for whatever comes our way.

    In order to feel this way consistently the Fourth Graders will treat each other in the same way we would want to be treated. We will earn each other’s trust and trust others. We will greet one another cheerfully and when classmates are absent, we will let them know they were missed when they return. We will not laugh negatively at one another’s ideas and questions. To be energized, we will play, engage in activities, and move our bodies. We value eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water.

    When we don’t live the charter we will make a sincere apology when necessary - either written or spoken. We will cool down, relax and take a break to regroup. We will use our words effectively. We will come to school prepared to get things done. We will succeed!

Last Modified on November 17, 2015