• 1.  Examination of Conscience:  Take responsibility for what you did wrong, own up.
    2.  Firm Purpose of Amendment:  Experience remorse, resolve to be better.
    3.  Confession:  Say out loud what you have done, tell the truth.
    4.  Act of Contrition:  Apologize sincerely
    5.  Penance:  Atone for your actions, make restitution.
    6.  Absolution:  Offer forgiveness, make right the wrong.
    7.  Going in Peace:  Going in peace means there is atonement.
                                    Reconciliation means the parties in conflict
                                    have been brought to a mutual understanding
                                    and agree to respect each other and want the
                                    best for each other.
                                  A broken relationship is on the mend.
Last Modified on June 11, 2019