• Dear Parents and Middle School Students,
    Welcome to Middle School!  I am looking forward to another wonderful year full of exciting changes and growing together in God.
    The following is a list of supplies for the Middle School.  The students need these items for the first day of school.  Please replenish supplies as needed throughout the school year.
    For homeroom - 1 plain binder (1 1/2-inch size, NO POLY BINDERS, PLEASE) and a set of dividers (5-tab with pockets)
    For other subjects - 4 spiral notebooks.  You may purchase the multiple subject notebooks.  Each notebook should be approximately 8-1/2 x 11 and contain 70 sheets.  
    For Social Studies - 1 Multiple subject notebooks. Each notebook should be college rule, 8- ½ by 11, and contain 100 sheets
    For Service Hours: 1 plain folder with 3 prongs (1- inch size)
    1 plain zippered pencil bag with no designs or figures (BOXES OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF PENCIL CASE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.)
    5 mechanical pencils,
    2 black ballpoint pens,
    2 black erasable pens, and a pack of red correcting pens (NO DECORATIVE OR TOY-LIKE PENS OR PENCILS WILL BE ALLOWED.)
    1 student planner (Students may use a planner app on the Ipad, purchase a hard copy planner from a supply store or purchase from the school office).
    1 pink eraser
    3 pads of sticky notes
    1 marble composition notebooks
    100 sheets college rule
    2 plastic folders with 3 prongs and 2 pockets
    College ruled notebook paper 200 ct. (Bring only a small amount of paper to school.  Leave the rest at home.)
    2 LARGE boxes of Kleenex
    2 boxes of handi-wipes (for hand use - baby wipes are okay)
    1 box of crayons (16 count)
    1 eight-pack of washable colored markers (broad tip)
    1 twelve pack of coloring pencils
    1 hand held pencil sharpener
    3 large glue sticks
    1 white-out
    1 twelve-inch wooden ruler (with inches and metric measure)
    1 set of multi-colored highlighters
    1 container of Clorox clean-ups (optional)
    1 pair of scissors
    Please note that the following are NOT allowed:
    Short  skirts or skorts
    Rolling of skirts, skorts, or P.E. shorts
    Oversized shirts and pants for boys
    Socks below the ankle and/or sports socks
    Backpacks on wheels due to space and safety regulations.
    Writing on backpacks is not allowed.
    I hope you have a pleasant and relaxing summer.  I look forward to seeing you on the first day of school and at Back to School Night in September.
    Mrs. Mariela Gonzalez,
    Eighth Grade Teacher
    P. S.  If you shop at Staples or Office Depot, be sure to use our school phone number 310-645-8816.  We will receive 5% of your qualifying purchases.
    8th Grade Parents – please note:   There will be a meeting for all parents of 8th Grade students on TBD in the school.  Activities for the year, including graduation, will be discussed.