• Summer Reading Assignment 8th Grade



    I hope you enjoy your summer and I look forward to seeing you in August. Be prepared to turn in your journal, share your final product, and discuss the novels with your classmates when you return to school. (You need to read both novels, but you will complete the journal and final product for only one of the novels: you choose which)



    8th graders- Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper

                       Farewell to Manzanar by Jeanne Wakatsuki



    Your assignment will contain two components:

    1. A reading response journal (see below for details)

    2. A culminating product of your choice (see options below)



    Reading Response Journal

    Staple 5-10 pieces of paper to create a “journal”. Create a cover page that contains the title of the novel, as well as your name.Feel free to decorate it if you’d like.Attach more pages as needed.


    After every 3 or 4 chapters complete a journal entry.


    Each entry should contain the following:

    • Title of Entry (Example Ch. 1-4)

    • Characters (new character/brief description/role in the story)

    • New or unfamiliar vocabulary words (write them down and look up definition)

    • Your reflection (feelings or reactions/questions/predictions/interesting quotes)
















    Culminating Product Choices

    Choose 1 or 2 of the following choices for your final product.Be prepared to share them the first week of school, as well as have them displayed in the classroom.


    1. Powerpoint: create a powerpoint presentation that tells us information about your book. Include characters, setting, plot, etc.

    2. Book Illustration: If you were hired to illustrate the book, what would you draw? Illustrate some of the most important parts of the book, as well as some characters.

    3. Alternate Ending:Do you think the story would be better with an alternate ending? Now is your turn to be the author and change the ending.

    4. Characters Today:If the main character had a facebook page, what would it look like? What quotes would he/she post? What would their profile picture be? Who would write on their wall? Create a Facebook page for them.

    5. Poetry Corner: Write a song or a poem inspired by the characters or events in the story. Challenge: Have your poem or song reflect the tone or mood of the story.

    6. Point of View: Retell a major event from the story from a different character’s point of view.

    Movie Trailer:Use technology of your choice to create a movie trailer based on the novel.A movie trailer tries to hook the attention of the audience, and usually runs about 2 minutes.
    Have a Great Summer,
    Mrs. Gonzalez