B/C Gym Locations & Rules

  • A notice from CYO (John Muller)

    1 – Each gym (Anthony, Jerome & Paul/Apostle) might vary on its rules of food and drink.  We ask that your communities adhere to whatever the rules are for each gym but ultimately we really need to make sure that we pick up after ourselves upon the conclusion of the game.  This includes the player benches where dozens of half-filled water bottles are left for the next team to deal with and then to add their collection.  The simple rule is upon conclusion of the game to remove any items brought into the gym whether a player, coach or spectator.

    2 – Each location may have parking restrictions.  If your team is playing AT ST JEROME and it is a WEEKDAY, then we ask that you park in the parking lot closer to the church.  During the weekends, parking in the school parking lot is fine.  I will let Darren of St Anthony and Keith of St Paul the Apostle to communicate any parking restrictions at their schools.

    3 – It seems to be more common for spectators to include four legged furry animals.  Unless there is a legitimate reason for the need of dogs inside the gym, please inform your community not to bring animals inside the gyms.

    4 – Lastly, for those of you playing at St Jerome on the weekends, the gym will open 15 minutes before the start of the first game.  Do not bother showing up any earlier than that as the gym will not be open to the public until 15 minutes before the start of the first game.

    Again, please do not keep this information to yourselves but let your school communities know.  I believe these centralized leagues are a great environment for everyone and it would be a shame to jeopardize its future if basic housekeeping rules are not followed.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.

B/C Facilities Fees

  • 1 – Facility Fee is $150 PER TEAM.  Regardless of where your team plays, please make checks payable to St Jerome School and mail them to my attention.  The school address is 5580 Thornburn Street, Los Angeles CA 90045.

    2 – Game Fee for B level games:  Since there are 2 referees and a scorekeeper, the B level game fee is $35 CASH PER TEAM of which $30 goes to one referee and $5 goes to the scorekeeper.  (The other team pays the other referee and the other half of the scorekeeping fee).

    3 – Game Fee for C level games:  Since there is 1 referee and a scorekeeper, the C level game fee is $20 CASH PER TEAM of which $15 goes to the referee and $5 goes to the scorekeeper.  (Again the other team pays the other halves).

    Lastly, if your school team is the FIRST game of the day at a location, please instruct your coaches, players and spectators NOT to arrive to the school grounds until about 15 minutes before game time.  If you do arrive to the school more than 15 minutes before game time, then please have your families remain in the car with your players.