• Good morning parents!
    Well, as we begin fall with record temperatures, let's stay cool by drinking lots of water from our awesome new fountains!  Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers and cards for my birthday!  It was a magnificent day for me!  
    A few quick notes:
    I send home the book orders as soon as I received them.  Sometimes we order so many books that they come in several boxes, so you might get one order one day and the rest the next.  I don't like to keep the students waiting for their amazing books!!!!
    This coming FRIDAY packet, you will notice a phonics PRE-TEST stapled to the POST-TEST.  I do not count the pretest grade, just the post test.  But I staple them together so that you can see the different between them.
    As October looms on the horizon, each student is expected to put their first name, last name, class #, and date on every paper.  If they do not, they will lose a grade on their paper.  Also, when a question is asked and they write a response, it is expected that they answer it completely.  For example:  If a math question asks how many students are in the class, your child needs to write 33 STUDENTS...we are looking at writing complete answers so that each child can read and respond to the question fully!
    Our upcoming calendar:
    Religious Education begins today!
    Wednesday -- the Jog A Thon Kickoff!
    Wednesday -- VIRTUS RE-CERTIFICATION will be help at 6:00 p.m.
    Thursday -- the feast of the Arch-Angels:  Michael, Gabriel, Raphael (we are going to have a small celebration on Friday!)
    Friday will be our first Panther Pep Rally!!!
    Saturday -- Blessings of the Animals at 10:00 am
    Monday -- October 3rd -- No School -- Faculty/Staff Retreat
    Have a blessed week!  

    Ms. Scaltrito 
Last Modified on September 25, 2016