• Dear Parents,

    I hope you all enjoyed Veterans Day weekend.  Last week was quite busy!  I am so happy to have met with all of you.  I hope you enjoyed it as much a I did!  You all have such amazing children, and I am blessed every day to teach and learn from them!

    There are quite a few items today, so let's get started!

    Student Council is sponsoring a $3 free dress day on November 16th.  All proceeds will go to our local "Meals on Wheels" program.  There are several elderly couples who are dependent on the program!  Thank you.  Please send your child into school on Wednesday with their donation -- each teacher will collect!

    Book orders are due this Wednesday!  Several of you have already put in on-line orders!  If you want to put a Christmas order in and DO NOT want your child to know, please send me an e-mail and when I receive the books, I will contact you to come in and get the books directly!

    Sunday, November 20th is our Reconciliation Parent Meeting.  It begins at 10:30 in the Parish Hall (basement).  I look forward to seeing you there!

    We have our field trip confirmation for Monday, December 12th.  Please have your child wear his/her PE clothes and make sure to provide them with a hearty snack and lunch as there will be quite a bit of walking.

    FEELING WORDS!  I would like to begin discussing with you the second grade goal: which is teaching emotional literacy to students and to create an awareness of the role and importance of emotional literacy in improving the students' academic, social, and emotional lives!  In your November 18th, Friday packet, you will find a School-Home partnership worksheet.  Please fill it out with your child and have them bring it back to school on Monday.  (I know it's HOMEWORK!!!) We will share it with each other.

    I tried to work with the students using the mood meter last week to start a dialogue regarding the election.  Sadly it became too difficult for some students to discuss and we had tears.  I am going to try again this week from a standpoint using love boundaries and see if we can have a respect for each persons' opinion and not say cruel and hurtful words just because we are repeating what we have heard.   A true teaching moment for all and hopefully learning experience as well!    

    Blessings for a beautiful week!

    Ms. Scaltrito

Last Modified on November 13, 2016