• Dear Parents!
    STOP!  TAKE A BREATH!  No...you did not lose a day!  This is your Sunday letter delivered on Saturday!  I have a retreat tomorrow and was worried that I would not have time to write a proper letter!
    So...let's get started because there is so much to cover and I want to make sure I get everything in!  Happy December and blessings for a peaceful and relaxing month!  This coming week the second grade will be assisting in celebrating the Feast of the Immaculate Conception mass on Thursday!  You are welcome to join us at mass.  It will be at 11:00.
    On Friday we will begin working on our Adopt-A-Family ornaments.  The Adopt-A-Family boxes are now in the classroom, so feel free to start sending in your items.  We will be holding them there until the wrapping party on the 16th!  
    BOOK ORDERS which went home on Friday are due MONDAY!  That way we can get them before the holiday vacation! You are more than welcome to order on-line or send in a check.  Please remember to put your child's name on the order form and check.
    We are working on HOW-TO articles!  Some of the students have REALLY gotten into them.  So I may need a few volunteers (at a later date) to help with doing a couple of the projects!  We are going to actually assembly/make whatever the how-to article suggests  -- be it lemonade or hot fudge sundaes!!! 
    Permission slips for our FIELD TRIP are on-line.  Please remember that we are going on Monday the 12th!  A hearty snack in a paper bag with your child's name on it for our trip.  We will be back at school for (a late) lunch.  Then practice for our Christmas performance!
    Our Christmas performance is on Wednesday, the 14th with a LATE START on the 15th!
    The second grade will be working on Christmas activities on the 19th and 20th.  We will be bringing the complete projects home each day.  Wednesday, the 21st is PAJAMA and MOVIE day!  I have told the students that they can bring in a small stuffed animal and blanket.  NOT TOO BIG please!  :)
    In reading we are working on:  I CAN: look, think, read, learn, feel!  We have also been working on our first book report.   There is so much happening -- but I hope you are all taking time to enjoy and experience the preparation for the birth of our Christ!
    Ms. Scaltrito 

Last Modified on December 3, 2016