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Living through giving; a way of life for St. Anastasia
The goal of St. Anastasia Catholic School is to promote academic achievement within a Christian environment. Our students become united in faith, academically strong, and socially responsible. One of our goals is to create responsible citizens. We have partnered with various organizations within our local community to share our blessings and instill gratitude and giving in our children.
Throught the support of our PTO 4th Vice President, parent volunteers work closely with the school to maintain a yearly calendar of service activities. Current information can be found here.
Service Hour Guideline
7th grade must complete 18 hours of service - 6 hours due at the end of each Trimester
8th grade must complete 24 hours of service - 8 hours due at the end of each Trimester
  1. Acts of service done for your immediate family cannot be counted as service hours and should not consist of typical family expectations (babysitting, mowing the lawn, washing dishes, etc)
  2. Service hours cannot be counted if payment was received.  If payment is offered students can donate to a good cause.
  3. Types of service should vary somewhat from trimester to trimester
  4. Altar serving is a great service, but can only count toward one hour per Trimester
  5. Jonette Mauch is always looking for service volunteers to stuff bulletins or baby-sit during 9:00 Sunday mass. Please email her directly at [email protected]