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Mr. Robert Cloer


Hi my name is Bob Cloer and I welcome all students and families to the 6th grade. I have taught science and robotics for more than twenty years and  I have mentored students in the STEM field. Not only am I the 6th grade homeroom teacher, I also teach middle schooh science and run the newly founded robotics program at St. Anastasia. I believe in "hands-on" learning and my classes are very student centered. During the course of the year we will work as a team to learn new information and master new skills. The work will be both fun and rigorous and we should all grow together as a class as the year progresses. I am looking forward to my second year at St. Anastasia and I am glad that all of you will be a member of my new 6th grade homeroom.

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    Welcome to middle school science! This year we will use a hands-on approach to unlock the mysteries and wonders of the world around us. The primary focus of the middle school science classes will be on Earth science for 6th grade, life science for 7th grade, and physical science for 8th grade. We will also integrate the study of other branches of science to include: Chemistry, physics, and life science in all grades in order to strengthen and support student learning . Along with learning science concepts, we will focus on skills acquisition throughout the year. Students will also engage in STEM activities that will be referred to as "MacGyver Mondays" that will challenge and develop their problem solving and collaboration abilities. In order to support a 21st century curriculum and a brain-based learning environment, student grades will primarily be determined by lab performance and the through the demonstration of the mastery of skills. Tests will be administered using a pre-test and post-test format in order to minimize test anxiety and support student learning. Technology and project based learning will also be included to further enhance the modern science curriculum offered this year.  It will be a great year filled with exciting activities that will be prove to be fun and challenging!

    Looking forward to a great year!

    Mr. Cloer

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