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    Gateway to Art encourages your child’s creative and mental growth through meaningful art experiences!

    Welcome back to another year of Gateway to Art.  For those new to our school, the Gateway to Art program enhances a child’s creative and mental growth through art experiences in a non-judgmental environment.  It helps develop a child’s visual perception and awareness by exposing them to different artists and techniques. 

    There are currently four schools in the area that participate.  St. Anastasia has participated since GTA began in 1994.

    Every month an artist demonstrates an art project to the docents of all the participating schools.  The docents then teach the children at their school, including the background and history of the original artist, the medium, and technique.  Step by step instructions are given during class,  with lots of opportunity for individual creativity.

    Every year GTA has six projects.  Each class will showcase two projects at the school Art Show May 21st and 22nd.  Rotating exhibits will be located in the school entry, library and principal's office throughout the year.                                 Here are the projects for this year 2016-2017


    Shrieking Orange Skies by Sue Berliner
    Students will create their version of The Scream by Edvard Munch using paint, crayons and pastels. Creating with wavy lines, straight lines, exaggerated shapes and bold colors.


    Abstract Artistree by Stephanie Kohler

     Students will be introduced to the abstract paintings of Piet Mondrian and his tree series of paintings using Masa paper, oil pastels and tempera paint.


    Modigliani-Portrait on Wood by Marianne Coble

    Students will create a portrait on Wood/paper based on portraits by Amadeo Modigliani using layering of oil/chalk pastel colors and blending.


    Giants of the Earth by Lee-Jean Lin 

     Students will be introduced to John Muir and the history of Sequoia National Park. They will create their own version of the Giant Sequoia using watercolors and acrylic paints.


    Golden Fish by Rolandas Dabrukas

    Mar I,g  
    Docents will instruct the students using  step by step demonstration drawing of a codfish using soft colored pencils creating a rich and colorful design resembling a painting.


    Boxtrolls by Marianne Coble


    Inspired by the movie, "The Boxtrolls," the students will create their own 3D work of art using a cardboard box, model magic, watercolors and small vintage items.

    GTA always needs helping hands!  Please contact your class docent if you can help out!  Earn service hours and enjoy a creative time with your child!

    JK:  Marsel Long, Christine Thompson

    Kindergarten:   Carrie Libitsky, Courtney Kessel


    1st Grade:  Nancy Lopez-Pedroza,             Shawna Wiseman, Ann Abraham

    2nd Grade:  Jolie Delja, Leslie Dennis

    3rd Grade:  Claire Robertson, Janel Ray

    4th Grade: Jenny Lenz, Beth O’Rourke, Jessica Wagner

    5th Grade:  Nicole Papadopoulos, Katy Masi, Heidi Herrmann

    6th Grade:  Valerie Guziak, Becca Zambotti

    7th Grade:  Betsy Sichi, Sandra Moreno

    8th Grade:   Liz Turkmany, Elizabeth Warner

     Supply Directors:  Jessica Wagner, Ann Correnti

    Thank you!  Beth O'Rourke, GTA Program Director, St. Anastasia School