Catholic Schools Week

  • Catholic Schools Week - January 26-31, 2020

    Reach Out Day 
    Heritage Day 
    Career Day 
    Student Day 
    Staff Appreciation Day 

Monday - Reach Out Day

  • Students in Grades 4-8 will be greeted at Dockweiler State Beach by members of who will guide and direct our students with the Beach Clean Up.  Students will learn about items which are reusable, recyclable, and plastics that will last forever.  Students will be traveling in small groups with adults and given instruction on safety.
    Following the Clean Up, students will participate in a sorting activity, also lead by Kurmalliance, in order to see and learn what items are reusable, recyclable, plastic, and how these items impact the ocean and marine life..
    We will end the Beach Clean Up with Lunch.  Students in grades 4-8 will be bused over and back.  Younger student participate in various activities on campus.


Wednesday - Career Day

  • Career Day is filled with a diverse group of guest speakers.  Speakers come into the classrooms to educate the children on their career path.  Speakers range from Police, Fire, Entertainment Executives, Graphic Artists, Doctors, Patent Attornies, and more.  Speakers include parents, grandparents and friends of the community.

Friday - Staff Appreciation

  • Staff appreciation day ends our Catholic School's week.  When the school day ends at 12:15 the Teachers, Staff, Priests and PTO are treated to a sit down lunch in the Parish Hall.  Gifts are presented to the staff to thank them for all the hard work they put into the school year.

Tuesday - Heritage Day

  •  * Students are encouraged to dress up in a costume representing their heritage *
    Children dressed in clothing from there heritage will parade around the schoolyard.
    Each class will have a table in the playground with samples of food and decorations from a different country


    • JK - Mexico 

    • K - Egypt

    • 1st - Italy

    • 2nd - Japan

    • 3rd - China

    • 4th - India

    • 5th - England

    • 6th - Belgium

    • 7th - Poland

    • 8th - Cuba


Thursday - Student Day

  • * Students may wear Jerseys from their favorite sports teams * 
    • Field Day

    • Unstructured Play
      • Art 
      • Music 
      • Board Games
      • Active Games 
      • PS4 Sports Room 
      • Karaoke Room 
      • Reading 
      • Primary Math games/brain quest
      • Prayer
      • Outdoor Play
      • Organized Field Games 
    • Movie Time