• Jr Kinder Charter 2016-2017

     At School we want to feel:

    * yellow or green        * respected

    * happy and calm       * safe

    * good     * thankful

    Some of the things we can do to feel this way are:

    * share              * say sorry        

    * use kind words and actions

    * be a good friend      *take turns

    We practice doing these things every day at school!



    Our Kindergarten Family wants to feel:

    -happy-          -loved-         -peaceful-

    -excited-     -safe-     -included-      

    In order to feel this way, we must:

    * Be like Jesus * Listen to one another

    * Treat everyone with respect *Show that we are sorry

    In order to keep our charter, we must:

    * Take a breath

    * Use our words

    * Count to 10



    1st Grade Class Charter 2016-2017 

    We the First Grade Red Panthers of St Anastasia will work as a team to have a classroom where everyone feels: 

    Creative * Joyful * Smart * Welcomed * Super

    We will feel creative by drawing pictures.  

    We will feel joyful by cheering "you can do it!" and "Let's go!"

    We will feel smart by reading, practicing and doing our best.  We will feel welcomed by including classmates and inviting each other to play.  We will feel super by talking with our friends and making new friends.  

    If we need to calm down, we will take a deep breath and say a prayer.  We wil use our words and apologize when necessary.  We will forgive each other. 


    2nd Grade Class Charter 2016-2017

    The Green Usain Bolts

    We the 2nd grade would like to feel:

    * Excited * Loved * Safe

    In order to feel this way, we need to:

    Have a good attitude when we come to school!

    Treat others the way we want to be treated!

    Be responsible for ourselves!

    In order to stay true to our CHARTER, we will:

    Follow directions!

    Always tell the truth!

    Never judge!

    Be welcoming and kind to one another!



    3rd Grade Class Charter 2016-2017

    Hurricane Hedgehogs

    We the 3rd Graders of St. Anastasia will work together to create a classroom where everyone feels joyful to come to school and we can feel:

    *Respected    *Proud    *Loved    *Peaceful


    We will do this by listening and making eye-contact in conversations and not interrupting when others are speaking.  We will help our friends when they are in need.  We feel joyful when friends play with us and make us laugh so we will work hard to include everyone.  We will respect each other and be honest and trusting friends by following the Golden Rule.  We will treat others the way we want to be treated so everyone feels safe and understood.  If a classmate is hurt or upset we will ask

    “are you ok?”

    When problems occur we will talk out our conflicts and disagreements in a friendly way.  We will take a Meta Moment if we feel frustrated, bothered or mad.  We will strive to think before we speak.  We will stand up for our friends and tell others who are being disrespectful or mean to “stop”. We can also get help from a teacher.  If our actions or words have hurt another, we will apologize by saying “I’m sorry”, forgive one another and show how we will act differently in the future.


    4th Grade Class Charter 2016-17


    We the amazing 4th Grade will work together to create a classroom where everyone feel:

    Loved * Happy * Comfortable * Excited * Respected * Encouraged

    In order to feel this way everyday we will help others by asking how they’re doing. Because we’re grateful to be at St. A’s, we will celebrate others accomplishments. To feel happy and loved we will invite others to play.  In order to feel respected we will ask questions, believe in each other, follow through on our promises, and be trustworthy friends. We will show kindness to everyone and value each other. We will feel comfortable by being willing to compromise and encourage each other by saying -

    “Good try” & “maybe next time”

    We will stay calm by taking deep breaths, not reacting and saying “it’ll be ok.” We will apologize when necessary.


    Fifth Grade Charter 2016-17

    As the fabulous and swagalicious 5th graders of St. Anastasia, we would like to feel safe, welcomed, energized, happy and prepared for whatever comes our way.

    In order to feel this way consistently the Fifth Graders will treat each other in the same way we would want to be treated. We will earn each other’s trust and trust others. We will greet one another cheerfully. We will not laugh negatively at one another’s ideas and questions. To be energized, we will play and engage in physical activities. We value eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water.

    When we don’t live the charter we will make a sincere apology when necessary. We will cool down, relax and take a break to regroup. We will use our words carefully. We will come to school prepared to get things done.  We will succeed!


    6th Grade Charter 2016-17


    We the 6th graders of St. Anastasia School will work together to create a classroom where everyone feels creative, safe, included, educated, and respected.

    We will be creative by showing our personalities in our work and being our true-selves. We will feel safe by not judging others and keeping our hands to ourselves. We will feel included by inviting others to play and participate while not rejecting them. We will feel educated by being prepared and respecting the learning process. We will feel respected by creating a safe environment for each other that is free from bullying. We will use “home court” appropriately to keep our environment safe.

    In order to handle conflict and disrespect, we will calmly and respectfully  talk it out without gossiping. We will apologize and forgive when necessary, and we will ask a teacher for help if we have difficulty reaching an agreement.  


    7th Grade Class Charter 2016-2017


    This year at school, we want to feel:



    In order to feel this way we will:

    listen and pay attention when others are speaking and during an emergency, try our best and ask for help when we need it, encourage and help others, be patient with one another, respect each other's opinions and be open to learning from our classmates, be inclusive, think before we speak, be yourself; be prepared

    Have fun!

    When we do not live up to the charter we should:


    Be our best selves

    take responsibility

    be positive with others (don't be mean back; relax and take a Moment)

    (if you cannot perform any of the above) remove yourself from the situation



    8th Grade Charter 2016-17


    We the 8th graders of St. Anastasia School will work together to create a classroom where everyone feels

    *supported  *involved   *safe   *valued   *calm *inspired

    We will be supportive by being there for our classmates with encouragement and back-up. We will be inclusive by welcoming others with a smile, participating in events, listening to others, and treating each other the way we would want to be treated. We will feel safe by not judging or repeatedly pestering anyone, and respecting each other’s opinions and personal space. We will feel valued by appreciating one another, offering unconditional respect while acknowledging the skills and needs of everyone . We will feel calm by maintaining a quiet learning space, dividing up group work evenly, staying organized and being prepared for emergencies.

    To remain true to our Charter we will calmly and kindly communicate our feelings using “I” statements. When conflict occurs we will:

    Stop and think about solutions

    Count to 10 & take deep breaths

    Follow Blueprint guidelines

    Apologize and work together towards a solution

    We will be strong and inspiring leaders by setting a good example, displaying maximum effort and not giving up


    St. Anastasia Staff/Faculty Charter 2016-17


    “So as those who have been chosen of God, holy, and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.   -Colossians 3:12

    As a part of a faith-filled Catholic Community we will work together to create a welcoming environment where we are supportive, respectful, cohesive, connected, positive and understanding.

    In order to feel this way we will greet one another and actively listen to each other to develop positive relationships. We will be open minded and respectful of one another.  

    To remain true to our charter we will model professionalism, courtesy and grace by regulating our own emotions, and maintaining a sense of humor. We will acknowledge our mistakes, apologize and forgive one another. We will reflect on our own behavior and go to the source to resolve the issue without making judgements, or assumptions - from a place of love and understanding.

    “Finally, all of you, be of one mind, sympathetic, loving toward one another, compassionate, humble . . . because to this you were called.”

    -I Peter 3:8&9