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Free Dress Birthday for May Birthdays

Thursday, May 4, students who have a birthday in May may be out of uniform.  Please adhere to the Guidelines for Free Dress below.


Free dress is a privilege granted to students at different times during the year. Free dress clothing must be neat and modest. Parents are responsible to ensure that their children are dressed in a manner suitable for a Catholic school student.

The following guidelines will apply to all students for free dress days:
  • skirts and dresses should be knee length – no shorter than 2 inches above crease in back of knee
  • no sandals or open toe shoes
  • no biker shorts or short shorts
  • no tank tops or bare midriffs
  • no leggings
  • no ragged or excessively baggy shirts, pants, or sweatshirts
All other school regulations for dress apply. Parents, please see that your children are appropriately dressed for school. Children who are not appropriately dressed will call home for a change of clothes. If parents are not available, then the child will have to wait at the office until someone can provide a change of clothes. 

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