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Summer Camp Coming to St. A's

Dear St. Anastasia Families,

St. Anastasia Parish has made arrangements for summer camp to be held at St. A's with an established camp program, Iverbe.  The program will run eight weeks from June 19th through August 11th.  Iverbe has operated camps at The Willows and Palisades High School for a number of years. We contacted both The Willows and Palisades High School and received rave reviews about the camp.

St. A's students will receive a discounted rate of $250 per week.  If you've looked at camps offering such a broad range of activities, you know that this is a good deal.  In order to get the St. A's discounted rate you will need to use the discount code "anastasia”. You can check out their website at this link:  I'm also attaching a brochure that describes the program Iverbe is offering.

Please note that while the school is making the program possible, you must sign up directly with Iverbe as described in the brochure.  School staff will not be able to manage any aspect of the registration process or any administrative matters.  

We are aware that parents are always looking for safe camps to send their kids in the summer. By having a camp on our campus, all school, parish and archdiocese guidelines must be followed. That means that all camp staff will be Virtus trained. In addition, Iverbe will be paying us rent for the use of our campus.

Hopefully this opportunity will be convenient and beneficial.


Mike Muir


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