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Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Please cooperate with the traffic monitors as they have been assigned by the school.  The safety of your children is their first priority.  Please discuss these rules with your children and others who will be transporting your children.  Students will receive a yellow slip if guidelines are not followed.

Please note:  There are now four schools sharing the streets immediately around campus in the morning and afternoon.  Park Hill Drive is most impacted by this school growth.  Please allow yourself a little extra time to get to school, as it will take us a few days to adjust to all of the new traffic patterns in our area.  We have been speaking with our school neighbors and we have pledged to work together to address any traffic problems that might arise.
Also, please pay very careful attention to the designated pedestrian zones at drop-off and pickup.  For safety it is very important that you do not walk in the active car travel lanes.  Please be sure to use the crosswalks to access campus if you are parking in the lot.  A revised map describing our parking lot system is available using the link at the end.
  • The drop-off line is open from 7:30 - 7:50 and pick-up line is open from 2:50 - 3:00
  • The school campus should be entered via right turn off Park Hill during drop-off/pick-up line.
  • DRIVE SLOWLY! The speed limit is five miles per hour when on school grounds.
  • Children should exit carpool line on the passenger side.  Pedestrians should use the crosswalk.
  • Keep the line moving.  If you anticipate needing to speak to a teacher or another parent, please park your car and walk onto the school yard.
  • If you do not use the drop-off line you must park your car and walk your child onto campus.  You may use the walk in gate on the north end of the school.  Do NOT use the gate closest to the priests’ residence on the south end of the campus.  
  • Children who walk or ride their bikes to and from school should enter and exit campus through the south gates closest to the priests’ residence.
  • PLEASE NOTE that the JR K students are to be dropped off/picked up at the Stanmoor Drive entrance to the classroom (starting Tuesday, September 6).  
  • Please do NOT park in the crosswalk.  The police will ticket you.  Please note the time limit for parking on Stanmoor Drive.