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PE Classes - All Grades

PE classes are held on the following days:

Jr K - Tues/Thurs
K -    Mon/Wed/Fri
1st - Tues/Thurs
2nd - Mon/Thurs
3rd - Mon/Thurs
4th - Tues/Thurs
5th - Tues/Wed
6th - Wed
7th - Thurs
8th - Wed


Physical Education Uniforms

  • P. E. uniforms consist of the ash St. Anastasia t-shirt and the navy blue St. Anastasia gym shorts. 
  • On cold days the red St. Anastasia sweatshirt and sweatpants may be worn. 
  • P.E. clothes are to be worn only on those days when P.E. classes are held; however, the St. Anastasia sweatshirt may be worn at any time.
  • Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten students may wear their P.E. uniform on any day except Mass day.