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The St. Anastasia Middle School team has developed an academically rich, faith filled inquiry- based learning environment that fosters the intellectual and spiritual development of each student. Through project based learning students become critical thinkers who communicate and collaborate with others.

Middle School Math 

The focus of the Middle School math program is to make math relevant, rigorous, and possible for every  student. I strive to instill a deep appreciation for math. Saxon Math is the textbook used in Grades k – 7  and Prentice Hall Algebra 1 is used in 8th grade. Saxon is used to guide students through each concept  with thoughtful progressions, while making connections so that each concept is a natural extension of  what students have already learned. Students build upon the knowledge gained in previous lessons and  grades. St Anastasia emphasizes development of math vocabulary, number sense, critical thinking,  reasoning, and the ability to use these learned skills to solve unfamiliar problems. The goal is to provide  our students with the tools needed to be successful in high school and beyond.

Middle School Language Arts 

Our language arts program in the middle school consists of a balanced literacy approach. Thematic units utilize whole-class read alouds as a foundation to teach literary analysis, reading, and writing skills. The readings focus on critical thinking, fictional and non-fictional text analysis, development of writing, and reading strategies. Students showcase their learning over the course of each unit with a culminating creative project in collaborative groups. Students are also able to engage in a readers and writers workshop at various times in the year to help further develop these skills. In addition to the integrated reading and writing approach, students have access to programs like Membean and IXL for differentiated vocabulary and grammar exercises.