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Elementary School

Jr. Kindergarten

The Jr. K program is a full day program focused on developing the whole child (cognitive, social-emotional and physical) and is designed to foster a love of learning in an environment where children grow in confidence and independence – not just for the current school year, but in preparation for years to follow.


Students in Kindergarten will receive an academically challenging curriculum in a God-centered, loving environment filled with friendship, learning, and personal growth. The expectations are high, but we believe every child can be successful and grow.  Students will experience working as a whole group and independently, rotating through independent and collaborative centers as they grow as readers and writers. There is an emphasis on effective communication skills and in building confidence to speak before an audience. Our Catholic faith and teachings frame all discussions and shape the way the students resolve conflict and care for their classmates. Love is at the center of all things in Kindergarten and the goal is to create an environment that makes the students excited about school and learning.

1st Grade

Students in the first grade will continue to work on becoming strong readers while also achieving many milestones including: making new friends, learning to be good listeners in order to follow multi-step directions, and understanding the importance of always doing your best work. In the first grade, we place a focus on showing our manners and showing kindness and respect to others. By the end of the first grade, students will have discovered the joys of learning in a positive environment and become independent learners ready for the second grade. 

2nd Grade

Second graders apply what they learned about the meanings of letters and numbers to more complicated material, and begin to develop their analytical abilities even further. The greatest joy to experience and witness in Second Grade are receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion! The children prepare and celebrate two Sacraments of Initiation with the school and parish community!  A true blessing!