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After School Care Program

Our Extended Day Care Program…
The ADESTE (Archdiocesan Elementary School Time Enrichment)
Program provides safe, affordable, quality after-school care for children of St. Anastasia Catholic School’s working parents.
For a reasonable monthly fee, the ADESTE program provides services on campus that are convenient and familiar to the children. The program operates from school dismissal to 6:00 p.m. A drop-in service is available for children who do not attend the ADESTE Program on a regular basis but are enrolled in St. Anastasia Catholic School.
ADESTE recruits its own staff, provides indoor/outdoor equipment, arts and crafts materials, insurance coverage for the children, and maintains accurate bookkeeping.
The ADESTE Program curriculum focuses on age-appropriate social, mental, physical, and emotional developmental activities for the school-age child.
Indoor/Outdoor Games
The children are offered a variety of indoor/outdoor supervised activities to ensure their well-being and safety.
Homework/Quiet Time
ADESTE offers homework/quiet time. Children are encouraged to complete their homework. Children who do not have homework are provided with quiet activities.
The children are provided with age-appropriate arts and crafts activities to encourage their creativity.
The Parent Handbook (link below) contains complete information regarding the program and fees.

Parents of students in grades K to 8, please complete and sign all of the forms in the contract (use link below) and turn them into the school office with your registration fee before your child is scheduled to go to ADESTE.

Parents of JR K students ages 4 years 9 months may also attend the ADESTE program.