Welcome to St. Anastasia Catholic School!

On behalf of the St. Anastasia Catholic School PTO, we would like to welcome all new and returning families to our school community. We are proud to serve as PTO President for the 2024-25 school year! Together, we will continue to work toward another great school year for our students and the families at St. Anastasia.

Our PTO remains dedicated to supporting our amazing school’s programs, raising funds and to function as a liaison between the school, parents and faculty. We will continue to find new and creative ways to work through this year, and confident that we will find a path forward by working together.

The PTO is always looking for volunteers who are enthusiastic about making St. Anastasia the best school it can be. We encourage you to become a part of this wonderful community of involved parents who enjoy helping. We ask all parents to be actively involved in helping us achieve our goals. This year will present us with many opportunities to volunteer in new and different ways. Please join us in building our school community by making a difference in your child’s experience at St. Anastasia Catholic School.

The PTO Officers are always happy to hear suggestions, answer questions, or get offers of assistance. We look forward to working with you, and for you, this school year.

Once again, welcome! We look forward to working together to make St. Anastasia the absolute best school for our all of children, teachers, faculty and staff!

With many thanks,

Shannon Matthews and Beata Murphy
PTO Co-Presidents 2024-2025