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1st VP - Dean of Chairs

Anna Lee and Erin Petersen

  • Acts as President’s aide.
  • Takes the President’s place, if necessary.
  • Supervises and coordinates the work of all special and standing committees except those that come under the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Vice-Presidents.
  • Maintains calendar of all scheduled events and activities.
  • Responsible for collecting, maintaining, and distributing digital copies of procedures for all Dean of Chairs programs.
  • Selects project and committee chairs within the Department.
  • Committees under the 1st Vice-President include: Career Day, Catholic Schools Week, Open House,  Hot Lunch Program, and other school support activities.
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Dean of Chairs Committees

Annual Staff Appreciation (November and May)
Chairperson - Diane Sant
Parents can choose to contribute money to collective cash gifts that is distributed to all Faculty members at Christmas and end‐of‐year. The Chairperson is responsible for collecting and distributing the money, preparing cards to the Faculty members on behalf of the participating families, and keeping an accurate record of participating families.
Career Day (January)
Speaker Chairperson (November – January) (Lauren Schuchman)
The Career Day Speaker Chairperson recruits and manages the speakers for Career Day in January, ensuring that a diverse group of careers and speakers are represented. The Speaker Chairperson is also responsible for planning and coordinating the Career Day schedule as a whole.
Speaker Escort and Luncheon Volunteers (January) - Juang Luong and Volunteers
Career Day Committee Members may help with tasks, as needed, related to coordinating speakers or Career Day schedule, planning and executing the Luncheon, and/or escorting speakers during Career Day.
Emergency Preparedness (Year round with emphasis on Summer and Fall)
Chairpersons - Channing Curtis/Beata Murphy
The Emergency Preparedness Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that we have emergency supplies in all the rooms for lock-down situations along with our earthquake supplies in the shed. They will check supply inventory and provide written directions for the earthquake shed equipment.
Committee Members
The Emergency Preparedness Committee Members may help with tasks, as needed, including ensuring that all supplies in the school rooms are rotated out for new supplies, the old supplies are dropped off at St. Margaret’s to donate, and earth quake shed organization including yearly shop-vac of the earthquake shed.
Fourth of July Parade (Summer)

Chairperson - Jennifer Provencher
Each year, our school families celebrate and promote St. Anastasia Catholic School in the Westchester Fourth of July Parade. The Chairperson coordinates the VIPS, cars and/or floats, the parent and child volunteers, and logistics including meeting spot, apparel, and giveaways. The Chairperson is also the school representative who attends official parade planning meetings.
Committee Members
The Fourth of July Parade Committee Member may help with tasks, as needed, including contributing to the float, coordinating volunteers, and/or being responsible for certain tasks on the day of the parade.
Health Examinations (Year round)
Chairperson - Sharon Doggett
The Health Examination Team assesses students’ health and wellness through hearing, vision, and other screenings (including head lice, as needed). The Chairperson coordinates the planned wellness checks and the unplanned checks for the health of the student body, as needed, and also, attends all official health related meetings as the school representative.
Committee Member
The Health Examination Committee Members may help with health and wellness screenings, as needed.
Daily Hot Lunch (Year round)
Chairperson - Christa Thompson
The Daily Hot Lunch Program is a for‐fee daily hot meal available to students. The Chairperson is responsible for coordinating the monthly menu with the Hot Lunch vendor, keeping an accurate record of participating children and orders, and troubleshooting problems or concerns with the school, parents, or vendor.
Nominations Committee (May to June)
Chairperson - Vickie Farmer
The Nominations Committee Chairperson is responsible for collecting and vetting candidates for the school’s Parent Teacher Organization, including President, Vice Presidents, and Secretary, and moderating the PTO elections
Open House (January)
Chairpersons - OPEN
Open House is a school‐wide event welcoming school families and community members to the school on a Sunday morning in late January. The Chairperson is responsible for including coordinating snack and refreshment station with donations from families and assisting with school‐wide set‐up.
Committee Member
Open House Committee Members may help with tasks, as needed, including set‐up for the Open House event.
American Red Cross Babysitting and Home Alone Classes (Flexible)
Chairperson - Jennifer Barry
The Home Alone Class is offered to students in the upper grades in the winter of each year. The Chairperson coordinates with the training program to bring the class to the school, publicizes the event with the students, and keeps an accurate record of which students sign‐up and attend and may need to provide supervision and assistance during the classes.
Traffic Safety (Year round)
Leads - Kevin Dallahan and Frank Forray
The Traffic Safety are volunteers helping with the crosswalk duty (at the carpool line) before and after school each day. Parent Crosswalk Volunteers are needed both before and after school each day, and can commit to the whole year or either fall or spring semesters.
School Uniform Exchange (Year round)
Chairperson - Christina Magallon
The School Uniform Exchange Chairperson coordinates dates on which families can trade, exchange, share, and pass on uniform parts in good condition.
Soothing Bags (September and June)
Chairperson - Carla Brown
Parents with children in grades JK-2nd will receive a gallon size plastic bag and instructions when their child starts at St. Anastasia. These bags should be filled with a personal note and photo from their family and some personal items for the child. These bags will then be stored with our emergency supplies and handed out in the event that the children will be away from their parents for a period of time due to an emergency.
Class Photographer for the Yearbook (Year round)
Chairperson - Beth O'Rourke
One Class Photographer from each grade JK-8
The class photographer will take pictures for their assigned class on field trips, during Gateway to Art, games and any class events. They will also collect photos from other parents taken of the class especially at events they can not attend. The class photographer will upload photos to the Yearbook photosite throughout the year.
Yearbook (Year round)
Chairperson - Emma Delf
Works with the class photographers to pull together the best class photos and events for the annual school yearbook.