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School Photos

Our class photography volunteers have done an amazing job at streamlining our school photos and creating a system that allows us to keep things organized and easy to access throughout the years. This is incredibly helpful when it comes to designing our yearbooks, planning for graduations, and creating all marketing materials for our school. 
The site is password protected, but parents can retrieve it by clicking the button below which will take you to the ParentSquare post that houses the password. 
For any questions regarding our photo site please contact Brian our Photography Chair, noted in table below
Need to get in touch with your class photographer? Send them a quick email to see how you can help create memories for you class.
Chairperson Brian Morri Email
Jr. K Janice Leal Email
1st Rena Nakashima Email
Julie Fong Peppell
Christa Thompson
3rd Emma Delf Email
Beth O'Rourke
Jen Mulligan
5th Aileen Domaguing Email
6th Leslie Dennis Email
Jessica Samarge
Cathy Irwin
Debbie Morales
Julie Fong Peppell
Beth O'Rourke