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Mock Trial

St. Anastasia's Mock Trial team returned to the courtroom in 2023, and finished in the top 4 of all schools in Los Angeles County. The students competed with many schools around Los Angeles County, and were very well prepared to compete in both defense and prosecution. 
We want to thank our parent volunteers that helped our students grow and learn (and succeed!): Danielle Criona, Aileen Domaguing, Carina Jordan, Amanda Rose, Erik Espinoza, Elizabeth Post, Rosalyn Vasquez , Oliver Vasquez, Brigid Brookman, Tyler Dowdall, and Marta Villalobos.  
Thank you, Coach Greta and Mrs. Soriano for being our faculty leaders.  
Go Panthers!
The Los Angeles Mock Trial Program is an academic competition in which over 2,500 high school and middle school students compete at the county level. Student teams study a hypothetical case, conduct legal research, and receive guidance from volunteer attorneys in courtroom procedures and trial preparation. The trial itself is a simulation of a criminal case, in which students portray lawyers, witnesses, court clerks, and bailiffs, thus acquiring a working knowledge of our judicial system while developing their analytical abilities and communication skills.